The Funkateers

The Funkateers are a dance group from Inkster, Michigan. Inkster is near Detroit, Michigan and the home of The Marvelettes, the world renown female vocal group on Motown Records.  Inkster was also the home of WCHB an AM radio station, which was the first African American radio on owned and operated by blacks and was built from the ground up in the United States of America.  After WCHB and The Marvelettes put Inkster’s name out there, The Funkateers were next in brining pride to their community.  They became some of the most popular guys at Inkster High during the mid to late1980’s.

The group was formed when three guys performed at a 1979 Inkster High prep rally.  created by Ed “Ever Ready” Eddie Miller and “Toothpic Bubby” Randsom Horne, then came Kevin Miles who gave them the name Funkateers

They performed on numerous occasions on The Scene, the TV show I hosted as a five member group.  I liked their style of dance immediately because of the energy and electricity they possessed plus they had their own original style of dance. They went onto become featured dancers on the Michael Henderson Wide Receiver Tour, and working with other artists like Alicia Meyers, Tom Browne and many, many more.

They contacted me about some old footage and invited me out to the reunion picnic at Inkster Park.   When Mike Kelly said that they were going to dance, I knew right then that I wanted to see that.  They had not performed together in more than 30 years as well.  I recently caught up with them at the Inkster High all classes reunion in July of 2018.  it was the first time I had saw them in more than 30 years.